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ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 3 - Announcement

棒球比分大小怎么算 www.355548.live Date Submitted: July 13, 2007
Last Modified: July 13, 2007


ArcGIS 9.2 service pack 3 is planned to be available for download later this month July, 2007.


Users who cannot download this service pack from the Web site will be able to request it on CD.

An overview of the main enhancements that have been made in the 9.2 Service Packs is available here.

Issues Addressed with ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 3

    ArcGIS Desktop (ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo, ArcReader) and ArcGIS Engine

    • NIM000132 - The DataInterop tool output is not overwriting data when outside a model.
    • NIM001528 - Persist the units that the user chooses for distance and area between ArcMap, ArcReader, and Engine sessions so that the user can set the units once with the Measure tool and not have to set them again.
    • NIM002612 - On the ArcMap GPS Toolbar's GPS Connection page, you can set the GPS unit's geographic coordinate system (datum). Changing the datum from WGS 1984 can fatal ArcMap.
    • NIM003549 - Select by location fails when using an ArcSDE point feature class. Error reads: Number of parts in shape is incorrect for its geometry type.
    • NIM004507 - Representation geoprocessing tools do not work in batch mode when a parameter is present for selecting a representation from the input.
    • NIM004520 - Accessing a compressed file geodatabase feature class in a standalone Engine application after accessing an uncompressed file geodatabase feature class causes the application to hang on the Windows 2003 Server operating system.
    • NIM004563 - Opening a QueryDef as a FeatureClass through the IQueryName interface on a compressed file geodatabase hangs ArcGIS.
    • NIM004745 - Export CAD is exporting to R-14 DWG/DXF format.
    • NIM004799 - The Details button in Formats Gallery does not launch the Format help topic.
    • NIM004800 - Context help does not work in Workbench dialogs.
    • NIM004801 - The help topic for GMLSF (Simple Features) is not included in the Data Interoperability Extension.
    • NIM004854 - ITopologicalOperator::SymmetricDifference returns incorrect results with polyline geometries.
    • NIM004916 - You can no longer append records to an existing personal geodatabase (MDB) or file geodatabase (GDB).
    • NIM004971 - Quick Import to File Geodatabase will not validate if output already exists; it's read as a folder rather than a GDB.
    • NIM005194 - The compressed, read-only format for vector feature classes and tables is not supported on UNIX platforms. The CompressFileGeodatabaseData and UncompressFileGeodatabaseData tools are not available, and it is not possible to read compressed data with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Server, ArcReader, or any other application.
    • NIM005207 - <I18N> When a single CAD drawing file is added as a layer in ArcMap, duplicate labels are displayed under Hebrew locale. This also happens if the file is previewed in ArcCatalog. However, the corresponding CAD feature dataset displays correctly if added as a group layer in ArcMap.
    • NIM005355 - Compressing a file geodatabase feature class exclusively composed of more than 1000 null shapes produces a buffer overrun error, the feature class is left uncompressed, and ArcCatalog crashes. There is no way to compress such a feature class.
    • NIM005374 - The Export CAD tool is not exporting any Annotation or point Feature classes for DXF (Version 2004-2007).
    • NIM005448 - X/Y values do not change when you select different Anchor Point icons for a box drawn in ArcMap 9.2.
    • NIM005528 - Some .toc files are not being read in 9.2.
    • NIM005549 - Dynamic Display pauses during panning, zooming, and roaming.
    • NIM005560 - Selecting one feature selects everything on a layer connected by an OLE DB connection.
    • NIM005574 - A new registry setting should be supported that enables advanced users to switch the mouse wheel roll default behavior from zooming in/out to scrolling the map up/down. This new setting should be documented in the \ArcGIS\Utilities\ArcGIS Desktop Advanced Settings Registry Keys.doc file where registry settings that are not exposed via the GUI are listed.
    • NIM005807 - The Export CAD tool is not preserving the rotation of Annotation rotation when they are exported to CAD text.
    • NIM006010 - IRelationalOperator returns conflict results when querying two polylines with Contains and Disjoint.
    • NIM006074 - DDE Command Handlers stopped working in ArcGIS 9.2.
    • NIM006083 - Make one formatted string in resource file easy to translate.
    • NIM006084 - Remove unused resource string in resource file.
    • NIM006088 - DataInterop Spatial ETL script tools are not recognized if they are called from a model.
    • NIM006110 - ArcGIS 9.1 CAD one-point transformations are not preserved in ArcGIS 9.2.
    • NIM006169 - Export Data from an events layer created from an MS Excel table with a space at the end of one of the field names will cause ArcMap to crash.
    • NIM006274 - Some publicly available WMS OGC services cannot be used in the .NET Web ADF.
    • NIM006288 - Custom tools that implement ICommandHost or IToolHost fail to create on Linux.
    • NIM006393 - The horizontal ruler in layout view does not automatically update with changes to ruler intervals.
    • NIM006429 - ArcMap may give automation error or crashes in IFeatureSelection::SelectFeatures using a spatial filter created from an address locator.
    • NIM006458 - When issued twice, the Zoom to selected features command causes scroll bars to expand to full extents of the ArcMap window. At this point, you can no longer use the scroll bars or arrow/page keyboard shortcuts to pan the map.
    • NIM006487 - Turning on a toolbar that has been unregistered or fails to create properly can crash the ArcGIS applications.
    • NIM006518 - Quick Export does not accept datasets as input unless they already exist. This behavior is inconsistent with core GP tools.
    • NIM006583 - Bug fixes for OGC WMS v1.3.0 GetCapabilities response validation.
    • NIM006736 - Linear Referencing: End hatch points do not show with a projected coordinate system in 9.2.
    • NIM006767 - Deleting a field that is not nullable corrupts data.
    • NIM006833 - The Zoom to Selected Features command on the Layer context menu does not work when executed programmatically.
    • NIM006839 - When you add a legend to a map, checked layers inside unchecked group layers or composite layers, such as map service layers, shouldn't appear in the Items list by default. They also shouldn't appear in the same list when you look at the properties of a legend you've already created.
    • NIM006855 - Multiple page layouts persisted into a .mxd crash ArcMap when attempting to rehydrate. In previous versions, 9.1 and earlier, the code runs successfully.
    • NIM006875 - After moving an attribute table in layout view for ArcSDE data and starting an edit session, ArcMap crashes.
    • NIM006882 - Maps that contain mismatched parentheses in a layer name create PDFs that cannot be displayed in Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher.
    • NIM007037 - When called from Python, the GenerateMapServerCache function does not honor parameters.
    • NIM007052 - The order of Legend Items does not always match the order of Map Layers.
    • NIM007094 - Hyperlinks do not work correctly in 9.2 Layout view.
    • NIM007099 - Calculating geometry doesn’t work on non-English locales when the Property drop-down list is localized.
    • NIM007136 - Null features in ZAware feature classes cannot be modified when using the Modify Feature task.
    • NIM007163 - Map grids get truncated.
    • NIM007190 - If you choose the Turn All Layers On or Turn All Layers Off command while working in Layout view, the check boxes for the layers in the Table Of Contents don't refresh to reflect the new draw state of the layers.
    • NIM007207 - A Feature class created in a Low precision dataset is created in high precision.
    • NIM007212 - ArcCatalog and ArcScene did not shut down their context menu commands properly, preventing any code in the command destructors from running properly.
    • NIM007248 - ArcMap hangs when adding fields to a shapefile when features are selected with Select by Attributes.
    • NIM007287 - Control does not release keyboard focus.
    • NIM007352 - Union with more than three input feature classes causes some of the attributes to be incorrectly assigned to the output features.
    • NIM007386 - If a map contains a broken layer, ArcMap will crash if you use the Measure tool in snap mode.
    • NIM007402 - Add international language support for the Animation Manager dialog in ArcMap.
    • NIM007446 - Update the context help topic launched from the Help button in the ArcMap Label Expression dialog box to fix old or broken hyperlinks.
    • NIM007461 - Some geographic/datum transformations that were added to version 9.2 do not show up in a list of transformations in ArcMap or ArcToolbox, nor do they appear in a set built with the CreatePredefinedGeographicTransformations or GetPredefinedGeographicTransformations ArcObjects methods. The transformations have EPSG IDs in the 15000 range.
    • NIM007462 - Added international language support for the ArcID module.
    • NIM007463 - The ArcID “representation” is not being displayed correctly in the Normal.mxt.
    • NIM007463 - Add international language support to the status bar in ArcMap for drawing graphic properties.
    • NIM007484 - Change privileges on a raster dataset is not granting SELECT privileges on SDE_VAT_## table.
    • NIM007507 - The DataInterop CHM file needs the Python Script samples updated to the new process for calling geoprocessor.
    • NIM007508 - ESRI GML should be available as input to any tool, but do not write to this format anymore.
    • NIM007510 - MapInfo TAB file reader should not take precedence over core/default text file reader for .tab extensions when viewing them in ArcCatalog.
    • NIM007511 - Top10GML should be removed as an Export option.
    • NIM007512 - Update format licensing for Top10GML and GIF/PNG formats.
    • NIM007515 - Setting the IMxDocument.PageLayout property crashes ArcMap when the Distributed Geodatabase toolbar is visible.
    • NIM007527 - Conflict Display window is not showing the correct version.
    • NIM007527 - The logical network is flushed on each edit operation.
    • NIM007541 - The ArcMap GPS Toolbar reports the error "Unable to create feature class" when attempting to create a new log file to store the GPS positions. This occurs with both personal and file geodatabases.
    • NIM007545 - When connecting to an ArcSDE 9.1 client, an error may result when using a simple selection outside of the feature class spatial domain.
    • NIM007557 - Export selection of a raster catalog layer creates inconsistent outputs.
    • NIM007565 - Call to IRasterConvolutionFilter::PutCoefficient in C# throws a COM E_FAIL exception.
    • NIM007576 - Added international language support for the ArcID module.
    • NIM007577 - Generating angles for Display Route Events crashes ArcMap.
    • NIM007580 - In a dual monitor configuration, if you are working with a table on the second monitor and minimize ArcMap, the table moves onto the first monitor when you restore ArcMap.
    • NIM007581 - In a dual monitor configuration, the viewer window and overview windows that were positioned on the second monitor when the map document was saved reappear on the first monitor when the map document is reopened.
    • NIM007627 - In a dual monitor configuration, the viewer window and overview windows positioned on the second monitor are moved to the first monitor if you minimize ArcMap and restore it.
    • NIM007630 - Add international language support for the Export Animation as Video dialog box in ArcGlobe/ArcScene.
    • NIM007784 - ToolbarControl - ToolTips does not show up on Microsoft 2000 Professional. This problem is specific to the OS and does not occur on other supported operating systems.
    • NIM007800 - 3D Analyst toolbar>Conversion>TIN To Raster tool always outputs elevation even when chosen attribute is slope or aspect.
    • NIM007821 - You can still use the Measure tool in snap mode while the Cache Full warning dialog box is displayed on-screen.
    • NIM007898 - When the Roam Tool is active, after loading an .mxd file, the Roam Tool can’t be activated by clicking the mouse. To re-activate it, you need to select a different tool, then reselect the Roam Tool and activate.
    • NIM007899 - The Roam Tool motion is not always smooth, and there are considerable jumps after pausing (freezing) to load new tiles.
    • NIM007900 - Add international language support for the Font and Color Pick dialog boxes in Schematic Designer.
    • NIM007901 - When you right-click a group layer and choose the Paste Layer(s) command, the pasted layers are not added to the group layer properly.
    • NIM007909 - Layer context commands are not executing properly when accessing them programmatically using ICommandItem.
    • NIM007927 - Compressing a file geodatabase feature class that contains more than 1000 null shapes (as well as non-null shapes) produces a buffer overrun error, the feature class is left uncompressed, and ArcCatalog crashes. There is no way to compress such a feature class.
    • NIM007935 - ArcMap crashes when opening a feature's attribute table after creating a join programmatically between a feature class and a database table.
    • NIM008163 - The TOC for the PageLayout is displaying a check box for the highest data frame node when it did not at 9.2 Final.
    • NIM008190 - Running the Get Data for ArcPad tool using the spatial extent option ‘The extent of the currently selected feature(s)’ and unselecting the 'Only get selected feature(s)’ check box causes ArcMap to crash when exporting raster and vector datasets.
    • NIM008269 - When using the Identify tool or displaying task results for features containing curves, the message ‘Curves are not supported’ is displayed.
    • NIM008284 - Exporting the legend of an ArcIMS ArcMap Server map service results in a legend much larger than expected when the server is in a locale using the metric system.
    • NIM008310 - Get Data for ArcPad7 does not export the geometry correctly if the ShapeFieldName is not "Shape".
    • NIM008348 - Seven Strings in Representation GUI cannot be localized.
    • NIM008366 - If the replica version is locked when the synchronization process attempts to reconcile and post, the replica will be corrupted.
    • NIM008368 - ToolTips needs to be modified to correctly represent each function in Representation Marker Editor Dialog to assist localization efforts.
    • NIM008380 - The free representation editor is not refreshing properly when zooming in on features.
    • NIM008458 - A map with a north arrow of ESRI North 1 does not display correct character when exported to PDF or EPS. The PDF or EPS file may have a missing north arrow, or the north arrow may display the symbol for ESRI North 67 instead of ESRI North 1.
    • NIM008462 - The Search tab in the installed Desktop Help is unavailable on a 64-bit machine.
    • NIM008476 - Adding a feature class using the ArcGIS Engine Add Data command on Linux and Solaris platforms crashes the application.
    • NIM008619 - ArcMap may crash when editing compressed data.
    • NIM008629 - Attribute Inspector Tab names need to be localized for Representations.
    • NIM008663 - When a script fails with a feature set loaded, the source of the feature set's data will be deleted on disk.
    • NIM008665 - Some of the shortcut and accelerator keys on the Controls Editing Sketch Context Menu were not working correctly. These errors have been corrected in ArcGIS Engine Service Pack 3. Please refer to the Component Help for details about displaying the Controls Editing Sketch Context Menu and using the accelerator keys.
    • NIM008671 - Intersect with three or more layers, if one of the layers is points, causes the output to be empty.
    • NIM008697 - A pixel value of 255 is mistakenly interpreted as NoData for MrSID image.
    • NIM008712 - Add support to core CAD reader for feature class filters that are created using the ArcGIS for AutoCAD application.
    • NIM008713 - Selecting by a date attribute on an indexed date field in a compressed file geodatabase feature class or table yields incorrect results. The first record is selected in all cases. This problem does not occur if the date field is not indexed.
    • NIM008714 - Add support for embedded spatial references in CAD reader. This embedded spatial reference can then be leveraged by the ArcGIS for AutoCAD application.
    • NIM008715 - The ExportCAD tool should generate a PRJ file for new CAD files created using this geoprocessing tool.
    • NIM008716 - The ImportCAD tool is not honoring PRJs from CAD files. It needs to create geodatabases that have projection information.
    • NIM008729 - A compressed file geodatabase table or feature class containing text fields with long lengths, such as 2147483647, cannot be read. If you right-click the dataset in the ArcCatalog tree view or attempt to preview the data, ArcCatalog crashes. This occurs in 9.2 SP2 only.
    • NIM008730 - Uncompressing a feature class can, in some cases, lead to a slight change in the feature class extent when compared to the original source data. Although harmless, this change is evident in Feature Compare when comparing the original source data to data that has been compressed and uncompressed; it may report that feature class extents differ.
    • NIM008735 - Issue with enabling the Layout Properties button.
    • NIM008736 - The Viewer window does not refresh during propagate.
    • NIM008737 - C is used as the shortcut for Copy and Copy Layout.
    • NIM008738 - Callback builder diagram export.
    • NIM008739 - Increased the performance for GetElementsBoundingBox in the API.
    • NIM008740 - The Editor toolbar is not enabling correctly with a saved .mxd and diagram.
    • NIM008741 - Missing shortcut key for Export when right-clicking a schematic diagram.
    • NIM008742 - Increased the performance for association by user data in the API.
    • NIM008743 - POLA Partial Overlapping Links Algorithm.
    • NIM008744 - Shortcut key for right-click on Schematic Dataset.
    • NIM008745 - Schematics needs a script attribute.
    • NIM008746 - Optimize Callback builder.
    • NIM008748 - Enhance Linear Dispatch Algo by moving leaves with one link.
    • NIM008749 - A prompt has been added during Remove Elements.
    • NIM008750 - Resolves an issue with Automatic Element Type Creation when only edges are selected.
    • NIM008750 - Linear dispatch should work with only one node and its connected links selected.
    • NIM008751 - Chaining several spatial rules together crashes ArcMap.
    • NIM008767 - Text Angle property for Link element types does not work.
    • NIM008777 - If you create a selection and delete selected features from the attribute table in the selected view, ArcMap 9.2 SP2 will crash.
    • NIM008778 - Disconnected replica creation and replica creation from a geodata service fatals the application if replicating a geometric network with an orphan junction feature class that has no globalid column.
    • NIM008779 - Replica creation should error if replicating a geometric network with an orphan junction feature class that has no globalid column.
    • NIM008780 - Synchronizing a replica fails when synchronizing a row involved in a relationship class that has a null primary key value.
    • NIM008781 - Display issue with long paths in the Import/Export XML Workspace dialog. The long path name will be cut off when it is displayed in the dialog.
    • NIM008784 - Add globalid command errors when there is a network dataset in the feature dataset.
    • NIM008829 - When you write Python scripts with the GenerateMapServerCache and UpdateMapServerCache tools, the layers and image file format parameters now honor the specified values.
    • NIM008835 - IRandomAccessTable and IRandomAccessCursor are implemented for uncompressed file geodatabase data but not for compressed file geodatabase data. This can cause compressed data to return incorrect results for joins.
    • NIM008838 - Point feature data within a PGD or FDG cannot be interpolated to a raster based on the Shape (z or m) field.
    • NIM009087 - Tracking Analyst tools are not available at all license levels... only ArcInfo.
    • NIM009105 - Diagram.Redraw should not change the active data frame.
    • NIM009107 - When you right-click the Finish Sketch button in the Edit Sketch Properties dialog box, ArcMap crashes.
    • NIM009108 - Sketch tools should be disabled when a multipatch feature class is the target layer; creating new multipatch features through the sketch tools is not supported.
    • NIM009129 - Compressing a file geodatabase feature class can, in rare cases, fail to preserve the XY and Z tolerance settings for the feature class.
    • NIM009165 - The tolerance used by SnapEnvironment is half the value.
    • NIM009210 - Performing a spatial adjustment to apply a spatial reference to 3D multipatch data causes ArcMap to crash.
    • NIM009254 - Terrain build returns the error ‘A requested feature object could not be located’ in some data-specific cases when embedding points with attributes.
    • NIM009255 - A ‘Failed to update terrain’ error is returned when rebuilding/updating a terrain if the dataset was defined using embedded points whose height field is not the shape field.
    • NIM009257 - If there are more than 100 inserts for features and rows already in the replica, synchronization errors occur.
    • NIM009260 - Synching a replica when a selection filter is used on a table crashes Catalog or Map.
    • NIM009261 - All changes from a schema-only table related to a feature class or table with a filter are being synchronized. Only changes related to features or rows in the replica should be synchronized.
    • NIM009262 - You should not be able to delete a globalid column from ArcCatalog.
    • NIM009273 - Cannot set mouse pointer icon for control.
    • NIM009274 - When exporting a FGDB raster with a large NoData area to a file format raster, the NoData area becomes blocky.
    • NIM009275 - When clipping Z- or M-enabled polygon data, processes such as storing the feature can fail with an error message about null Z or M values. This can occur when performing any topological operation that inserts a new segment. The new segment has null Z and M values.
    • NIM009276 - Host widget does not receive mouse events from control.
    • NIM009278 - Performing an operation that involves a SQL WHERE clause on an unindexed text field in a compressed file geodatabase dataset can cause ArcCatalog or ArcMap to crash. This can happen with any operation involving a SQL WHERE clause, such as exporting a subset of features to a shapefile in ArcCatalog, or selecting a subset of features with the Select By Attributes dialog box in ArcMap. The crash is more prone to happen on large datasets than it is on smaller ones.
    • NIM009280 - ListFeatureClasses and ListTables return nothing for SQLExpress databases.
    • NIM009298 - The Representation tool's dynamic feedback may not display or refresh properly in the Create Viewer window.
    • NIM009299 - Holding down the control key while dragging a feature with representation symbology should not create a duplicate feature.
    • NIM009301 - The icon for CAD Annotation has changed and been mixed up with the Filter Feature icon. It needs to return to its original icon.
    • NIM009303 - The Detect Graphic Conflict tool includes invisible features in the selected set of features passed through the tool for processing.
    • NIM009312 - Text symbols do not display on Linux and Solaris.
    • NIM009328 - Composite locators may cause memory leaks in a Server environment.
    • NIM009329 - If an address is not found using a composite address locator, the Loc_name field in the geocoding result should not display the name of the last participating locator.
    • NIM009330 - The synchronize GP toll cannot synchronize to a geodata server when run from a model or a Python script.
    • NIM009335 - ArcGIS 3D Analyst now supports a new perimeter-based extrusion option for polygons, where the exterior of the polygon is extruded on a per-vertex basis, creating an exterior wall that is stitched together such that it follows the elevation (or z-aware profile) of the perimeter. The top of the extruded polygon is then calculated using opposing vertices, creating a best-fit top that does not necessarily match the underlying elevation surface for the interior of the polygon. This extrusion option is also available for polylines and is supported in both ArcGlobe and ArcScene.
    • NIM009337 - Applications written using the WSDL for a geodata service will error if the IGeodataServer.ExpandReplicaDatasets method is called.
    • NIM009375 - Add support to the ArcPress HP Universal driver for new HP Designjet models, including the Designjet T610, Designjet T1100, and Designjet Z6100 printers.
    • NIM009376 - Some C++ SDK samples reference ../Res instead of ./Res resulting in toolbar buttons that are not displayed.
    • NIM009402 - Displaying events along routes that are a query feature class does not work for SDE. Query feature classes are those created with the MakeQueryTable tool or through ArcObjects with the FeatureQueryName coclass.
    • NIM009432 - When visualizing surface elevation data in ArcGlobe, the application does not properly render all visible portions of the terrain that need to be shown at all times.
    • NIM009457 - Some joins using FileGDB don't return all the rows they should.
    • NIM009458 - Dynamic segmentation is not displaying events completely along the underlying route feature for coverages with large tolerances.
    • NIM009543 - AnnotationClassID values are incorrectly populated when running annotate selected features on a layer for multiple related annotation feature classes.
    • NIM009577 - When a user's personal style is either corrupt or invalid, ArcMap will crash when any of the Symbol Selectors or Style Manager is opened.
    • NIM009578 - While the map cache is being generated, if a layer fails to draw, the cache generation terminates immediately and writes the reason for the failure to the server log files. Examples of such failures include when an SDE connection goes down or a network share is disconnected while the cache is being generated.
    • NIM009580 - The envelope values of a custom full extent do not revert to the original values after changing the spatial reference of the data to a new spatial reference then back to the original.
    • NIM009652 - This fix addresses a problem with the Hot Spot Analysis (Getis/Ord Gi*) tool when the user selects Polygon Contiguity for the Conceptualization of Spatial Relationships parameter. Without this fix the results are incorrect (they reflect the Gi rather than the Gi* calculation).
    • NIM009720 - When spatial or temporal extent information was provided in FGDC format and the metadata was translated to ESRI-ISO format using the ESRI Metadata Translator geoprocessing tool, the extent information would not be handled correctly. An empty extent element would be added to the output XML file that would cause problems for future metadata processing. Spatial and temporal extent information is now handled correctly.
    • NIM009731 - When FGDC- or ESRI-ISO-formatted metadata was translated to the ISO 19139 format using the ESRI Metadata Translator tool, the content type code used by ArcIMS Metadata Services would be placed in the ISO 19139 online distribution resource description element. This could cause problems; if other online resource distribution elements were not provided, the metadata would not be valid. Also, for ESRI-ISO metadata, the original content type code, such as 001, was copied exactly to the ISO 19139 output. With this change, the original content type code is converted to a string, such as Live Data and Maps, and the string is placed in a keyword element. The keyword will not have a keyword type defined, but the keyword thesaurus will be identified as the ArcIMS Metadata Service content type code by a UUID.
    • NIM009732 - Dates are required to be in YYYY-MM-DD format in ISO 19139 metadata but are required to be in YYYYMMDD format in ESRI-ISO and FGDC metadata. When translating ISO 19139 metadata to either ESRI-ISO or FGDC format, the date format is now changed appropriately.
    • NIM009733 - If empty elements were present in the metadata, the translator would stop processing the source item’s metadata. An output metadata XML file could still be created, but its content would not be complete. Empty elements are now ignored during translation if the translation file’s Stop on Errors property is set to No.
    • NIM009734 - When FGDC metadata contains a date and time and the document is translated to the ISO 19139 format, the date and time are now combined in the correct format in the resulting document.
    • NIM009735 - When a point of contact was provided in ESRI-ISO metadata and that metadata was converted to the ISO 19139 format, the resulting document had two role codes for the point of contact. With this change, points of contact will now correctly have one role code in the resulting document.
    • NIM009736 - When ESRI-ISO metadata had a temporal extent defined as a single date and was translated to the ISO 19139 format, the ISO 19139 element containing this information was spelled incorrectly and the resulting file was invalid. In addition, if the original ESRI-ISO temporal extent contained both date and time information, the ISO 19139 temporal extent element would be empty. Temporal extent information is now handled correctly.
    • NIM009738 - In ISO metadata, the relationship between every person or organization identified has their association with the GIS resource defined by a role. The ISO 19139 format requires those role codes to be identified in a specific way. When translating ESRI-ISO metadata to the ISO 19139 format, all role codes for all contacts are now identified using the correct format.
    • NIM009739 - When keywords are provided in ISO metadata, you can optionally identify their type. For example, keywords can be placed in separate groups and identified as theme keywords or place keywords. If an ISO 19139 metadata document contained keywords that did not have a type, they would not be converted to ESRI-ISO format, and when keywords did have a type, the type wouldn’t be converted to ESRI-ISO format in the appropriate manner. Keywords are now translated successfully, and information won’t be lost as a result of the translation.
    • NIM010051 - Some resource constraint information was not correctly translated when converting ESRI-ISO metadata to the ISO 19139 format or when converting from ISO 19139 metadata to the ESRI-ISO format; some information would be lost as a result of the translation. This information is now handled correctly.
    • NIM010118 - This fix addresses a problem with the Hot Spot Analysis (Getis/Ord Gi*) tool when the input feature class has records with bad geometry and no value is provided for the self-potential parameter. Without this fix the tool fails when the bad records are encountered.
    • NIM010195 - This fix addresses a problem with the Cluster and Outlier Analysis (Local Moran’s I) and Hot Spot Analysis (Getis/Ord Gi*) tools failing if the output feature class is a shapefile, but the input feature class is not a shapefile.

    ArcGIS Server for .Net

    • NIM004587 - Add support for displaying symbology for ArcIMS ArcMap Services in the Table of Contents control.
    • NIM005177 - Change the .NET Geoprocessing tool wrappers to map Boolean parameters to String values.
    • NIM006703 - Several strings in the Manager interface need to be added to the localization resource files.
    • NIM007060 - Web Mapping Applications published from Manager are not enabled as applications in IIS when the Web site to which Manager has been deployed is running and has a port number other than the default of 80.
    • NIM007061 - Web Mapping Applications published from Manager are not enabled as applications in IIS when Manager has been deployed to a Web site other than the Default Web Site in IIS Manager.
    • NIM007259 - Unable to configure and publish applications from Manager after localizing multiple strings on the Select Layers and Preview Layers tabs. Strings referring to data source types and data frame (default) have been removed from the resource files.
    • NIM007561 - Add support for public map and spatial ArcWeb Services.
    • NIM008175 - The caption and name of dialog for the Project Raster Tool under the Data Management Tools is not being displayed correctly.
    • NIM008461 - The Search Attributes and Query Attributes tasks fail to return results for text searches against ArcIMS ArcMap Services. Results are returned correctly for searches against ArcIMS Image Services.
    • NIM008669 - The internal feature ID property of the CreateFeature and SelectFeature tools is not set when new features are created or when features are selected.
    • NIM008691 - The Web ADF generates a callback response that updates the same TOC node multiple times.
    • NIM008846 - When blending services with ArcGIS Online services and not using the Web Mapping application, the services may not display correctly at the initial extent.
    • NIM009159 - The MapCache.Closed() event doesn’t get fired, while the MapCache.IsClosing() event is fired twice.
    • NIM009161 - The client mobile application will crash if a Cache layer is added to an uninitiated map.
    • NIM009162 - When a field in a feature class is associated with a date domain, the domain cannot be returned using the GetDomain function in a feature layer. Instead, it returns System.ArgumentException: Invalid cast from 'Double’ to ‘DateTime’.
    • NIM009163 - The FeatureLayer.GetDomain() method doesn’t return the domain for the field when there is no subtype defined in that feature class.
    • NIM009164 - When attempting to open an existing MapCache from a worker thread other than the UI thread in a mobile device, an error message "Invalid map object can not be used to define an Envelope" is returned.
    • NIM009166 - The MapCache.GetFeatureCountAsync() method always returns 12776720 for a WhereClause that should return 0.
    • NIM009167 - Filters on incoming Tracking Server feeds don't filter
    • NIM009235 - When a feature’s attributes are updated outside of EditorTool, you should be able to clear the feature attribute cache to have the changes reflected in the attribute panel.
    • NIM009324 - The Geometry1.Distance(Geometry2) method throws out exception when geometry1 or geometry2 is a polyline or a polygon.
    • NIM009325 - Labels are not rendered when the initial extent is larger than the full extent of a published map.
    • NIM009326 - The FeatureLayer.GetDataTable method returns an incorrect number of records for those with a state of EsriEditState.Original.
    • NIM009327 - After removing data from MapCache, the map component is not refreshed.
    • NIM009348 - IServiceDescription needs to return external URLs when ArcGIS Server is configured to work with a ReverseProxy.
    • NIM009378 - A number of significant changes have been made to improve discussion topics related to ArcGIS Server .NET development. This is an updated version of the ArcGIS Server .NET Developer Help for 9.2 SP3.
    • NIM009719 - IToolBarItemSetup::Initialize does not work for Toolbar command items.

    ArcGIS Server for Java

    • NIM007560 - Service and Map images do not display when running on Window2003 Server SP2.
    • NIM007826 - This fix addresses a defect in the Web Mapping application in Internet Explorer 6. The table of contents in the Web Mapping application was not reflecting the active layers of a service, but only in IE 6. If a service was added to the application that had certain layers deselected (in the .mxd), the TOC was showing those layers as still visible. But the layers in the main map were not visible, correctly reflecting the state of the service. After the fix, this behavior is corrected in IE 6.
    • NIM009331 - Application developers were unable to extend the getAttributesParams method of the EditingTask class to customize the out-of-the-box task for their applications. With the fix, they will be able to extend the method.
    • NIM009345 - Solaris/Linux: Provide a utility that would allow export/import of users to LDIF/flat files. This is required for transferring existing users when users upgrade ArcGIS Server from one version to another.
    • NIM009348 - IServiceDescription needs to return external URLs when ArcGIS Server is configured to work with a ReverseProxy.
    • NIM009377 - Add options to gazetteer query to control if the map participates in a search.

    ArcGIS Server - ArcSDE

    SQL Server Specific

    • NIM007077 - sdesetup -o upgrade does not use DBTUNE storage parameters for SQL Server file groups correctly.
    • NIM008325 - sdelayer -o si_stats does not return information (or correct information) when run against SQL Server databases.

    DB2 and Informix Specific

    • NIM007362 - When data is updated in a child replica using geodatabase replication, those features or records are not synchronized to the parent replica. Features that were inserted or deleted, however, are synchronized properly.
    • NIM009097 - DB2 only - When saving edits to a Move to Base Feature class as a privileged non-owner, a "Version could not be posted" error may occur.

    Oracle ST_Geometry

    • NIM008635 - Not all features in a large (> 1000) selection set move in a single edit operation. Fails with this error: db_sda_execute_stmt::Invalid OCI handle (-2).
    • NIM005992 - SDO_GEOMETRY or Spatial Type for Oracle - When zooming in on event layers in ArcMap, all the features of the event layer disappear.
    • NIM009208 - Extent calculation may be incorrect when (1) imported from feature class with nil (empty) geometries, or (2) extent is recalculated with "sdelayer -o alter -E calc" and feature class contains nil (empty) geometries .
    • NIM010346 - Tru64 only - Some SQL functions fail with error: symbol "SgShapeFree" unresolved.
    • NIM010347 - Using SQL to insert points into an ST_POINT geometry type may round the minimum-bounding rectangle values in the geometry's metadata.
    • NIM010348 - AIX and Tru64 only - Creating a pSelectionSet in ArcObjects can cause an "Out of server memory" error (-12) when the query filter WHERE clause is blank or null.

    Oracle General

    • NIM007138 - XML document won't publish with long content in a tag that is indexed as STRING.
    • NIM010282 - Not all features in a large (> 1000) selection set move in a single edit operation. Fails with this error: db_sda_execute_stmt::Invalid OCI handle (-2).
    • NIM008343 - Editors may encounter a unique constraint violation when reconciling edits made to data that has been registered as versioned with the option to move edits to base.
    • NIM008806 - Improve connection time to ArcSDE geodatabases containing a large number of tables by restricting the tables returned based on the connecting user’s privileges to the tables. Note: If the connecting user owns a large number of tables, an improvement in connection times may not be experienced.


    • NIM008481 -Editors receive the error message, “Feature could not be created, the geometry is invalid” when trying to edit data that meets the following criteria:
      • Data, such as a shapefile or ArcSDE export file, was originally created in a previous version of ArcGIS (9.1 or earlier).
      • Data is loaded into the ArcSDE geodatabase using the ArcSDE administration command tools (for example, shp2sde or sdeimport).
      • Data is subsequently registered with the geodatabase.
    • NIM007546 - Receive error message, “Failed to connect to the specified server. Server machine not found.” when attempting to use a server alias that is 32 characters in length or greater in the ArcCatalog 9.2 Spatial Database Connection Properties dialog box. The fix allows the use of up to 32 characters in the server name.

    NON Database specific Server fixes

    • NIM007048 - Memory allocation has been optimized so that the gsrvr process does not consume or hold as much memory as it did in previous releases.
    • NIM007607 - sde2shp fails with error "Invalid state ID value" when using -V option.
    • NIM008315 - SDE servers on UNIX operating systems - Users who have permissions to access more than 5000 tables or feature classes in the geodatabase cannot connect to the ArcSDE geodatabase through ArcGIS.
    • NIM008390 - With ArcIMS' Metadata Server - XML documents will not be published and an error message will be returned if a user attempts to publish an XML document if the value stored in tags that are indexed as VARCHAR exceeds 256 characters. (Previous behavior allowed the document to be published without error, but the indexed VARCHAR information was truncated to 256 characters.)
    • NIM008157 - Unable to connect to ArcSDE through ArcCatalog after the spatial references on existing data are upgraded to high precision.



    • NIM007522 - ArcIMS 9.2 ColdFusion connector does not install required mfc71.dll file.

    Spatial Server

    • NIM006953 - Performance decreases for Acetate layer requests after ArcIMS 9.1 SP2.
    • NIM006739 - ArcIMS 9.2: RASTERMARKERSYMBOL acetate object is not placed in 0,0 and alignment is not honored.
    • NIM006979 - Layer visibility control in HTML viewer does not work correctly for ArcMap Services Group layers.
    • NIM007158 - Scale bar distance changes when panning.
    • NIM007200 - The HAlignment attribute of TEXTMARKERSYMBOL no longer works in IMS 9.2.
    • NIM007314 - Maximum image size for ArcMap Services in 2048 x 2048.
    • NIM007322 - Image output with ArcMap Services works with "tiff" but not "tif".
    • NIM007594 - Image has a band of distortion on the top when projected on the fly.
    • NIM008494 - ArcSDE rasters containing more than three bands are not rendered correctly in an ArcIMS Image service.
    • NIM009256 - IBM AIX only: Metadata Services do not start in Admin on AIX.

    WFS Connector

    • NIM008229 - ConcurrentModificationException error occurs when loading WFSConnector in WebLogic 9.2.

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